Frequently Asked Questions

Once you submit all of your information, it takes us approximately 3 weeks to send you the completed documents.

You can pay an expedited fee of $100.00 if you need the documents within 1 week.  

No, you will need to get them witnessed and notarized in order to make them effective.  We will provide you with written and video instructions on how to do this.   Once they are signed, witnessed and notarized, your documents are effective.

It depends.

In the State of Colorado, if you and your spouse (other parent) pass away and your child is under 18 years of age, the minor’s inheritance will be held in a conservatorship through the State until the minor reaches 21 years of age, at which time any remaining funds not used for the care of the minor will be released to your child.

The above scenario applies if both parents die before the minor child reaches the age of 18. If there is a surviving parent, then a conservatorship need not be established because the inheritance of the deceased parent would pass to the surviving spouse (surviving parent of minor child), not the minor child, assuming you are using My Simple Estate Plan.

There are options to prevent a conservatorship that would allow you to control the disbursements to your child over time. This is done with a trust of some sort. This requires more complex planning in order to ensure that wishes regarding distribution are planned and provided for. If you wish to have one of these documents in place for your children, please contact Dahl Fischer, LLC at 303.758.7700. As a thank you for your interest in My Simple Estate Plan, you will receive a 10% savings on your estate plan.